The CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF)  celebrates the talents of established and emerging filmmakers of Caribbean heritage who practise their art across the Caribbean Diaspora worldwide – including Canada and the Caribbean, Europe, the Americas, Africa, China, India and the Middle East. CTFF presents a multi-ethnic mix of exciting and dynamic films that showcase diverse shared stories and cultures.


A film’s submission to the Festival must include the processing fee and should be made through this website. The director, producer, writer or a lead character must be of Caribbean heritage.

Each year, the Festival has a specific theme. Selection criteria are based on the film’s production values, storytelling methods and the story itself. It can be feature length, short or a web series. We accept all genres including documentary; fiction; drama; thriller; comedy; science fiction/fantasy; or animation.



Our International Jury is made up of filmmakers and industry stakeholders who will view and vote on each film as it fits within the year’s theme. Programming limitations will determine the Jury’s final selections.



As the Festival’s reputation has grown, our loyal audiences have expanded in diversity and in numbers. More and more film lovers are joining us for this unique chance to enjoy a range of multicultural and indigenous stories that reflect quite distinctive worlds – and may be told in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, English, and all their Creole dialects.

CTFF takes place at the same time as TIFF each September in Toronto, when film professionals and industry stakeholders come from all over the world in active search of films for their own festivals. We do not compete with TIFF. We offer unique complementary enjoyment.


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