Viviana Gómez Echeverry | Feature | 90 mins | 2017 | Colombia | English | PG

In the middle of the political conflict between Colombia and Nicaragua; Keyla’s father Breggie went out to sea but did not return. While they are looking for him, Keyla and her uncle Richard receive an unexpected visit from Spain: Helena, Breggie’s ex-wife, comes with her son Francisco, Keyla’s half-brother, whom she has never met.

Keyla initially is very upset with the visit; having resentment towards Helena for leaving her when she was pregnant with Francisco and Keyla was a child. But gradually she approaches the boy and shares with him the most precious memory of her father; a Morgan the Pirate’s map, which points to a hidden treasure. Francisco asks his sister to undertake this hunt; he feels that his father was close to finding something. They go together by boat, cross the island, its secret places. On this adventure they get to know each other, and accept one another as siblings.

Caribbean Girl NYC

Mariette Monpierre | TV Series | 24 mins | 2017 | Guadeloupe/France | English

CaribbeanTales & Flow proudly present the exclusive World Premiere of a Caribbean Diasporic comedy—Caribbean Girl NYC, written and directed by Mariette Monpierre.

CGNYC tells an immigrant story, the millennial way, set in the heart of New York City  – the ultimate destination.

Caribbean Girl NYC is an original comedic series following the lives of four twenty-something Caribbean women living in Brooklyn. Isabelle, a narcissistic and immature aspiring actress, fresh off the plane from Guadeloupe, dreams of being rich and famous and finding love in NYC. There’s only one problem: She has no working papers and no money!