Executive Director
  • Frances-Anne Solomon

Frances-Anne Solomon is an award-winning filmmaker of Caribbean heritage and a writer, producer and director in film, TV, Radio and New Media. She was born in England to Trinidadian parents and educated in Trinidad, Canada, England and France. She then went on to build a successful career over thirteen years in England with the BBC as a TV Drama Producer and Executive Producer. In 2000, she returned to Toronto where she continued to create direct and produce her own project. In 2001 she successfully launch the first CaribbeanTales project.

Today, the latter has grown into a group of companies – the CaribbeanTales Media Group — that produces, markets and sells Caribbean-themed audio-visual content across the globe.

Festival Manager, Manager, Acquisitions and Operations, CTWD
  • Courtney Panchan
Courtney Panchan has been working alongside Frances-Anne Solomon on all CaribbeanTales’ projects and affiliated companies since February 2006. As of today’s date, Courtney is not only the Sales & Acquisitions Manager for CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution but she is also the Manager of the 2017 CaribbeanTales International Film Festival. With a mind for business and a passion for Art, she has found great success and contentment in the film industry. 

Courtney believes strongly in the CaribbeanTales’ mission and is always strongly supportive of all the CaribbeanTales initiatives and successes.  Since the launch of CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution, Courtney has played a key role in developing and strengthening the Acquisitions, Sales and Delivery functions. She looks forward to staying within the CaribbeanTales family as its business develops internationally.

  • Mandisa Pantin
  • Mary Wells

Programming Coordinator

Mandisa Pantin changed her life when she encountered the audiovisual industry for the first time. Falling in love with the way that the camera could reshape the world, she delved headlong into a multifaceted career within film and television, ranging from the technical to the production aspects, which enabled her to make her own films. Currently, Mandisa has made several short fictional films and one documentary Caribbean Skin African Identity which have shown all over the world. Mandisa is a tutor in the film department at the University of the West Indies, an active member of IMPATT, the audiovisual trade organisation of T&T, a graduate of the CaribbeanTales Incubator Program. This is her second year as part of the programming team for CTFF.

Mary Wells is an award winning independent film director, writer, and producer based in Jamaica and in the USA, with over twenty years’ experience in television and film production.  In 1999, her short documentary, Now Jimmy! was awarded “Outstanding Documentary from the Caribbean” in the Sheryl Lee Ralph Film/Music Festival.  It was also an official selection at TIFF in 2002. Kingston Paradise, her first feature, was recently award “Best Diaspora Feature” in the African Movie Academy Awards 2014.  Mary studied Television Production and the Theatre Arts in Washington DC and continues to work on a broad variety of film and TV productions.

Mary is currently on the CaribbeanTales Board of Directors and maintains a close and supportive relationship with all its initiatives.

Marketing Manager
  • Hema Ramsingh
Hema is a freelance marketer and holistic nutritionist, born in Toronto to Trinidadian parents. She has worked on marketing & communications at Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Regent Park Film Festival, Corus Entertainment and Astral Television Networks, as well as with several small organizations on branding, special events, social media and consumer awareness initiatives.
Social Media & Marketing
  • Louise Noel-Ambrose

Louise owns and operates EvenToBe, a Public Relations and Event Planning Business that highlights events in the city that focuses on teaming up social events and cultural experience. She makes it a point that not only she services her clients in the most outstanding portrayal and execution of customer service but also take the opportunity to emphasize the powerful impact of culture and diversity.

Her hosting and management of local events not only creates opportunity for local businesses but also highlights the diversity of business world in Hamilton & GTA. Louise had been such a helpful and favourable image of the community especially in delivering educational and social support to community members. She is a great support in providing quality programs and assistance for the women surrounding her especially the women involved in her networking group Lady Boss.

Audience Engagement and Outreach Manager
  • Addis Embiyalow
Recently returning to Canada from professional opportunities abroad, Addis brings her international expertise in experiential marketing to this year’s CaribbeanTales International Film Festival. Addis is a dynamic and innovative strategic marketing professional with over 10 years experience in the Toronto arts & culture scene with focus on community events and international festivals. 
Marketing & Outreach
  • Timmia Hearn

Timmia Hearn, (Theatre Studies B.A., Yale) is a theatre director, talent manager, film developer and gender rights activist. Timmia lives and works between her home in Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada. She is an acting instructor, casting director, script consultant and talent manager. As well as being the manager of marketing and outreach at CaribbeanTales Media Group, she is an incorporating member and the co-director for gender equality organisation I Am One and the Director of the School for the Arts at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, the Caribbean’s oldest theatre company.

Graphic & Web
  • Rodney V. Smith

Rodney V. Smith describes himself as a webseries evangelist and is heavily involved in the webseries movement in Toronto and New York City. He is one of the founding members of the Independent Webseries Creators of Canada (IWCC).

Smith grew up in Barbados with an active interest in writing and art. An encounter with producer David Rider spurred his interest in film and after immigrating to the USA in 1999, Smith has spent the past 15 years working in various crew positions on a number of independent projects.  Since dedicating himself to be a director of cinematography, Smith’s cinematic vision has resulted in a visual style that is constantly being refined, but has been described as “moody cinema-verite”, “a dark mirror…”.

Smith is currently working on the epic 14 episode science-fiction webseries OUT OF TIME and is the author of the novel SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE.  He has worked in film and television since 2003 and has worked on a large number of independent feature and short films.  He currently uses his experience in graphic design and marketing to shape his activities as a filmmaker; Smith has worked as screenwriter, cinematographer, director, editor and visual-effects artist and occasionally production and set design.