Highlights from the July 4 Media Launch


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Welcome to CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF) 2019. Our theme this year is, A NEW DAY,  It is a brand new day for Caribbean film, a day where filmmakers are able to stand up with pride and hope, eyes and hearts ever upward. Our voices are being heard and the depth of our stories, our legends, our unique perspective on the world, is even more poignant and relevant. We’re here to raise up our Caribbean Filmmakers and to shine a light on their importance, but most of all, to share their stories with the world. 

Whether you are a filmmaker or over of film, we are overjoyed to have you onboard for the 14th edition of the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival. We are honoured to embark on this remarkable journey with you. For those who are new to the Festival, we welcome you and hope you stay for many years to come! To our returning patrons, supporters, partners and sponsors, were glad to have you back.

As we look back on the 2018 CaribbeanTales International Film Festival, there were countless highlights on the screens that created an incredible buzz in the city and abroad. We are also thrilled to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of the CaribbeanTales Incubator (CTI) that will be facilitated alongside the Festival.

As you know, the CaribbeanTales’ brand recognises the entire Caribbean Region and its Diaspora. This year, as we continue to value the legacy that frames these unique, distinctive and authentic stories, we also know that CTFF 2019 remains the happy meeting-place for all of us who are committed to building a sustainable Caribbean film industry that will support and benefit Caribbean and its Diaspora filmmakers. 

We want to thank you, our faithful audiences, for staying with us on this remarkable journey. Special thanks to our amazing community partners and sponsors who often take us outside the proverbial box…successfully. Their alliances help our expanding audiences to grow more  diverse and more supportive every year.

A New Day has begun!