Abeeku and the Maroons

Set in 18th century Jamaica, an escaped slave tries to free his pregnant sister from McNab’s cane plantation. They are forced to separate when they are attacked by guardsmen. Abeeku must find the freedom fighters called the Maroons to help him find and rescue his sister once again.


An estranged father and daughter come to terms with their frayed relationship during a tense road trip as they each limp towards the realization that neither of them is doing okay on their own.

After Mas

(short) directed by Karen Martinez


A short film exploring the effect of the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in 2016.


directed by Gavin Ramoutar

Ariane’s Sky

Ariane is convinced of an imminent asteroid impact with planet Earth, but without support from her boss, she decides to try and save the world herself. Can she do it alone?