Nang by Nang

Nang has lived outside the box. Born in a Trinidadian village in 1934, she grew up poor, illegitimate, mixed-race and female, but she survived by defying convention. She left the first of five husbands when he cheated on her. With no formal training, she danced with choreographer Geoffrey Holder, who later won Tony Awards for

Mr Crab

Director: Faisal Lutchmedial Country: Canada Year of Production: 2011 Total Running Time: 8 min Language: English Rating: PG The Gondry-esque Mr. Crab follows Rishi, a ten year old boy that idolizes and fears his imposing father, who tells him stories about the crystal clear waters of Trinidad &amp Tobago. An explosive temper keeps the child


A young marine navigation student suffers intense anxiety during his final exams.

Mala Mala

directed by Antonio Santini & Dan Sickles


directed by María José Álvarez

Lessons Injustice

In Lessons Injustice, Danardo jones sets out on a car ride with his teenage son in hopes of having a conversation that some parents dread and others are unaware of. As a lawyer, Jones is well aware that the law can do little to protect his son against the anti-black racism and discrimination that has

La Joie De Lire (The Joy Of Reading)

Director: Dominique Telemaque Country: Dominican Republic/Haiti Year of Production: 2014 Total Running Time: 14 min Language: Kreyol with English Subtitles Rating: PG Lolo, a 7 year old boy who is passionate about learning to read, is on a mission to obtain a book needed for school. He reaches a crossroad where he reflects on his


directed by Jean-Claude Bourjolly

Jolly Boys

Director: Rick Elgood Country: Jamaica Year of Production: 2014 Total Running Time: 24 min Language: English/Jamaican Creole Rating: PG This first episode of the Jolly Boys television series, shows how the mento band, known in Port Antonio since the 1940s, receive new life for their particular style of Jamaican music, as they begin their journey