IT STAYS WITH YOU: Use of Force by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti

directed by Cahal McLaughlin & Siobhan Wills


Between 2005-2007 UN peacekeeping troops carried out several raids on Cité Soleil, a severely economically depressed neighbourhood of Port-au-Prince. Although the raids were specifically targeted against leaders of criminal gangs, scores of civilians were killed and many more injured. This film returns to Cité Soleil to examine the impact of those raids on the community and to find out how survivors of the raids have fared in the ten years since. The film is produced using participatory practices, where the survivors retain control over their own contribution and were consulted during the filmmaking process and prior to public viewing.

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Runtime: 43:21 min
Country of Production: Jamaica


directed by Todd Kellstein


What do Tijuana and Haitians have in common? Recently… a whole lot. Tijuana has become home for a community of thousands of Haitian refugees. They took great risks and traveled long distances to live somewhere they felt would be a better life and provide better working conditions. However, many of them have gotten stuck within a frisbee’s throw south of the US border due to recent border control laws and are now iving in limbo.

Runtime: 15:30 min
Country of Production: Jamaica


directed by Luke Versalko


Once known as ‘The Pearl of the Antilles’, Haiti has become a place where many fear going and are just as eager to escape. However, a renaissance of sorts is underway. Young Haitians in the arts are working together to make their country the destination of the Caribbean.

This film follows the story of the most well known modern Haitian musician, Michael Brun, as he takes it upon himself to show his fellow countrymen that Haiti is worth fighting for. He channels his music to bring people together, to fuel the change that’s occurring in the country. Through the power of music, Haiti can once again become The Pearl of the Antilles.

Runtime: 18:55 min
Country of Production: Jamaica



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