directed by Wanuri Kahiu


A love story between two young women (played by newcomers Samantha Mugatsia and Sheila Munyiva) in a country where homosexuality is still illegal, Rafiki is saturated with joy, heartbreak, and a richly effervescent cinematography that showcases director Wanuri Kahiu’s native Nairobi in all its vibrancy. When Kena and Ziki first lock eyes, it’s a genuine coup de foudre despite the fact their families are political rivals. The young women grow close, but as they are not able to show their attraction in public — or even to their relatives and friends — they are forced to sneak small moments in private. Together they create their own world, vividly evoked through Kahiu’s filmic eye, where their love isn’t anything other than an expression of their commitment to each other. The space they create, however, isn’t immune to the biases of the outside world.

Runtime: 73 min
Country of Production: Kenya


More than anything, I just wanted to tell a love story. And my producer at the time was looking to adapt modern African literature to film. ‘Rafiki’ was just so delicate and nuanced and so tender and beautiful. So that was my ambition, to find a love story, and add more love stories to African cinematic history.


directed by Francesca Hawkins


In 2017 Jason Jones, a human rights activist, filed an historic constitutional motion against the state, challenging colonial-era anti-homosexual laws in Trinidad and Tobago. The case opens up deep divisions between civil rights activists and politically powerful religious groups.

Runtime: 13 min
Country of Production: Trinidad & Tobago


directed by Andrei Pierre


Young and noble Maurice is a Shoe-in to be St. Lucille’s next Vice Principal, however, when the school board steps in to make changes, his alliances come into question and he’s left to make some bold decisions.

Runtime: 13 min
Country of Production: Jamaica

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