A People’s Art – The Genesis of Freedom

A People's Art - The Genesis of Freedom

Directed by: Tony Oldham
Documentary, Feature | United Kingdom | English | 58 min

Starring: Ayesha Casely

Ayesha, is a young mixed-race British girl is on a journey to find out the truth about what the Notting Hill Carnival really represents. From its genesis in the 1958 Race Riots and a young man’s murder to its contemporary perception as a Carnival of violence, Ayesha discovers that this vibrant, colourful Carnival represents something much deeper in British history.

About the Director

Tony studied for his film degree at the University of West London and is co-founder of a small London based film production company Blackstone Valentine Films. Tony’s first love was cinematography and he is a self-shooting Producer/ Director.
During 2016 he made his directorial debuts with his fiction feature The Last Kill, and documentary Diva, which competed for Best Documentary at TTFF 2016 . Both were made on micro budgets with minimal crews. In May 2019, Tony also completed his second carnival documentary examining Notting Hill Carnival, with the current working title A People’s Art (Jump Up).