Grace & Saleem

Grace & Saleem

Directed by: Jian Hennings
Feature | Trinidad and Tobago | English | 93 min
Written by: Jian Hennings, Kyle Sahadeo

Starring: Kyle Hernandez, Ahevonne Metivier

An unintended road trip, a comical first dinner and an awkward meeting of families on Christmas Day — these all encompass Grace and Saleem’s story of an unlikely couple told via three distinctive chapters of their relationship together.

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About the Director

A writer/director from Trinidad and Tobago, Jian Hennings first explored his interest in the divergent cultural identities that make up his country within his feature-length student film Back to Freeport (2017). He continues this exploration into personal connections via individuals from significantly different cultural backgrounds, now encompassed within the romantic story of Grace & Saleem (2019). Jian hopes to continue his exploration of social/cultural connection within his beautifully distinctive island home of Trinidad and Tobago via continued experimentation and a deep love of film.