Directed by: Rashad Frett
Short | United States | English | 12 min
Written by: Rashad Frett

Starring: Jadiah Bailey, Janice Dias, Yarc Lewinson

A troubled teenager ventures into an unknown city to seek his unknown father.

About the Director

A first generation American from a Caribbean background, Rashad Frett was taught from a young age to work hard for his goals. He was always fascinated in the arts but started pursuing it seriously after joining the U.S. Army. Experiencing 9/11 firsthand when his Army unit was sent to NYC to help with rescue/ evacuation, Frett wanted to make a positive impact on society. Telling stories through the power of the media became his passion. Frett furthered his education and honed his filmmaking skills which got him accepted into the NYU Tisch Graduate Film program.