Nefarious Poster


Directed by: Rhett Butler
Feature Film | Jamaica | English | 87 min
Written by: Rhett S. Butler

Starring: Ana-Stassia McLeish, Kevoy Williams, Russel Anderson

Mark leaves his girlfriend to be with Natasha, the girl he truly loves, but her brother Andrew comes with the relationship. Willing to sacrifice all, he adheres to Andrew’s manipulations while keeping Natasha ignorant of their deeds, which takes him through a series of violent and necromantic events, thus leading to his purpose in a much darker scheme. Ultimately, Natasha knows that love can be a cure.

*Viewer discretion is advised: some material may not be suitable for children. There may be some content such as language, violence or brief nudity.

About the Director

Rhett’s first interest in storytelling was a result of seeing a feature on the making of Star Wars as a youngster, and drawing his own comic books of various genres. This combined with nighttime stories from his mother and books his father read would later further influence his passion for making movies. Rhett is an engineering graduate of Florida State College in Jacksonville (FCCJ), BSc Operations (University of the West Indies, Jamaica), MSc Insurance & Risk Management (MIB, Italy) and Supply Chain, Humber College (Canada).