Queer Coolie-tudes

Queer Coolie-tudes

Directed by: Michelle Mohabeer
Documentary, Experimental, Feature | Canada | English | 86 min

Starring: Michelle Mohabeer, Andil Gosine, Lindsey Addawoo, Amar Wahab, Mars, Lezlie, Anthony, Tifa Wine

A creative, queer, ethnographic documentary using experimental aesthetics that mirror Caribbean philosopher Edouard Glissant’s concept of opacity to reclaim the slur of “coolie”. It visualizes the inter-generational lives, histories, identities, familial relations and sexualities of diverse subjects (artists, academics, and activists) from the Queer Indo-Caribbean and Black Diasporas in Canada. It embraces the complexities of Creole (mixed-race) identities, gender/genderqueer identity, age, and mobility portrayed in nuanced ways. It embraces the importance of not accepting erasure.

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About the Director

Michelle Mohabeer is Guyana born and lives in Toronto, she is an award-winning filmmaker/media artist and academic, recently recognized as the best female filmmaker 2020 film submissions by the Berlin Underground Film Festival.