Directed by: Isa Benn
Short | Canada | English | 13 min
Written by: Aisha Evelyna

Starring: Olunike, Cory Lipman, Ruth Goodwin, Aisha Evelyna, Nalini Ingrita, Sarah

On a cool and wet morning, Sydney, a 26-year-old Black female in the midst of an existential crisis bumps into her charming and all-round nice guy ex-boyfriend. After they “hmm” and “haw” awkwardly, she finally musters the courage to ask what went wrong between them. Upon receiving the answer, she realizes it is a response she may not have been ready to hear.

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About the Director

Isa Benn is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, playwright, multimedia artist and creator. She approaches each project with a sensitivity and perspective that is as resonant as it is unique. In light of several highly visual sensory “handicaps”, including synesthesia, Asperger’s and ideasthesia, she has found a mode of exploring the human experiences that is unparalleled. Isa is uniquely able to connect to and penetrate her audience’s emotional barriers and facilitate a collective cognitive experience that leaves audiences feeling connected, healed and with greater awareness of a world outside of themselves.