Super Zee

Super Zee

Directed by: Nathalie Younglai
Short | Canada | English | 7 min
Written by: Nathalie Younglai

Starring: Seina Fiati, Christina Song

Super Zee is an action-comedy web series about a queer Black superhero who swoops in to save her woman crush from the micro-aggressions at the office.

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About the Director

Nathalie Younglai has gone from being a professional harpist to reality TV Director, to Writer for children’s TV and primetime drama.
Nathalie enjoys tapping into her inner child when she writes in Kids’ TV on such shows as Magic School Bus Rides Again, 16 Hudson, and Addison. She delves into deeper social justice issues when developing her own prime time drama series.
She is a Writer-Director whose credits span factual (Til Debt Do Us Part), children’s (The Magic Schoolbus: Rides Again) and primetime TV (Bellevue). She is the founder of BIPOC TV & FILM (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in TV and Film) and serves on the Writers’ Guild of Canada Diversity Committee.