CineFAM – a Haitian Créole word meaningfilms by women”

CineFAM is an initiative to support bold original film stories by women of color creators.

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WED 20 SEPT, 2017 5PM-7PM

The opening networking reception to CineFAM Women Creators of Colour 1-Day Film Festival was hosted by CaribbeanTales, in partnership with Film Fatales, BlackWomenFilm! Canada, Trinity Square Video, and Telefilm.

On Sept 20th at Capitol Trattoria, CaribbeanTales celebrated the contributions women of colour filmmakers are making to the Toronto film scene. The reception was an opportunity to network with other women creators of color.

The event included a reception from 5-6pm, followed by a screening of Viviana Gómez Echeverry’s feature film ‘Keyla’ and  Caroline Jules’ feature film ‘Torments of Love‘ at The Royal Cinema.

A panel discussion and a talkback took place after the screenings.


KEYLA | Canadian Premiere

Viviana Gómez Echeverry | Feature | 90 mins | Colombia | 2017 | English |PG

A young Colombian woman living on an island is searching for her father who is lost at sea; when her estranged family comes to help, she must confront their dark past and this new family she never expected to embrace.

CaribbeanGrlNYC | World Premiere

Mariette Monpierre | TV Series | 24 mins | Guadeloupe/France | 2017 | ENG

A half-hour comedy pilot about four women from different Caribbean islands trying to make it in NYC.

Panel Discussion and Talkback hosted by Chloe Sosa Sims from Film Fatales Toronto

Torments Of Love | Canadian Premiere

Caroline Jules | Feature | 54 mins | Paris/Guadeloupe | 2016 | PG

Torments of love” wants to highlight childhood injuries and repercussions in adulthood. How they can love each other without being able to say it. How two sisters can be interconnected in their contradictions and paradoxes…

Root Up

Katia Cafe-Febrissy | Documentary | 28 mins | 2017 | Guadeloupe/France | 2017 | French & Creole with English Subtitles | PG 13 | HD

The story of a land, a woman and the struggle to save her legacy.

Panel Discussion and Talkback hosted by Laurie Townshend from Black Women Film



October 6, 2017, 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Ontario Black History Society Leaders of Tomorrow Conference

Location: William Doo Auditorium – New College, University of Toronto
Included: Panel presentations, Q&A, light breakfast and lunch and UofT Campus tour

This program is offered to over 200 Ontario Secondary School students.

CineFAM led a 5 hour (including lunch break and tour of UofT campus) program, and were pleased to present a panel discussion that included CineFAM Coordinator and filmmaker Maya Bastien, with filmmakers Elizabeth Mudenyo, Toni Clarke.

The panel discussion included a talkback with the high school students.

Afterwards, the CineFAM filmmakers led breakout groups with the students where they were able to offer one on one mentoring and advice to aspiring media artists.

Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT) provides an intensive, engaging series of informative talks on a range of subjects connected to youth and the Black experience.

The 2017 edition ‘Women Leaders of tomorrow’ featured young, emerging women creators of color who had participated in the CineFAM program who shared their path to success. Students felt inspired, expanded their network, asked questions related to their post-secondary education path and much more.


August 17th, 2017

For Women of Color Creators in Film

The 2nd CineFAM Workshop, a Master Class and Pre-production Check-in with TSV’s David Plant.

Teams will bring their Key Creatives to the meeting. That is: Directors of photography, Editors, and Designers (if you have one).

Pre-production processes will be reviewed and personally addressed by David Plant, to address any concerns related to the creative, technical or logistic processes of production.

Script Breakdowns – Scheduling –  Budgeting – Art Department –  Locations – Cast – Crew – Equipment – Post-Production


August 25th, 2017

Telefilm Feature Film Executive for Ontario and Nunavut

CineFAM filmmakers Elizabeth Mudenyo, Toni Francis and Fiona Clarke were invited to with Telefilm Feature Film Executive Dan Lyon to discuss their projects and get professional feedback to their projects.



AUG 22, 2016

A networking mixer, for women film directors and creators working across all genres, of all races, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, cisgendered and non-cisgendered females, and all socio-economic backgrounds.

CineFAM is an initiative open to women of color creators, and that supports bold original film stories from around the globe. CineFAM is a network for connection, exchange and change. “Cinefam” is a Haitian creole word meaning “films by women”.




Fiona Clarke, Elizabeth Medunyo | 5 mins | Canada | 2017

Intersecting is a comedy about two social media personalities who are matches on Facegram, an interactive dating app which lets followers vote in real time on the progress and aesthetic of the relationship.

Somebody’s Sun

Toni Francis | 5 mins | Canada | 2017

Two families torn apart in the wake of the violent death of a young teen. One mother, Jennifer, grieves for the son she has lost, and the other, Sandra helps to comfort her while the search for the murderer continues.

The Walk

Flavia Motsisi |  South Africa | 2017

“The Walk” is a short film that follows a woman’s trip to catch a taxi home after work. For most women, the fear of catching a taxi starts even before boarding the vehicle…


Do You Remember Me is based on an original poem written by Aida DeWitt and was created and produced by Yazmin Ali-Tascatan and directed by Bailey Corneal and stars Rebecca Amare and Gabe Grey .

A Burmese 81-year-old retired prima-ballerina shows her Care Worker a new path to joy and passion through dance. Produced by Light The Girl Productions, directed by Sharon Lewis. Starring: Ordena Stephens (Da Kink in My Hair).

Stream a selection of films from Women of Colour Filmmakers, available on CaribbeanTales-TV.

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CineFAM Women of Color Creators Film Challenge – CaribbeanTales
Jun 16, 2016 – CaribbeanTales International Film Festival and ACTRA TORONTO in association with Trinity Square Video are proud to announce a new partnership. CineFAM Women of Color CreatorsFilm Challenge …

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