Directed By: Teisha Duncan & Pat Golden⎥ USA⎥ 2021 ⎥ 57m⎥ English

Aftershocks – A Tetralogy of Our Times is a mosaic of short narratives, animation and montage art that explores love, humanity, and connecting while socially distant from the unique perspectives of Caribbean American communities in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic. Take a journey with us through Queens, NY from 2020-2021 and witness offbeat, love-filled stories of Caribbean American characters endeavoring to overcome the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

About the Director:

Pat Golden is a Director, Filmmaker and award-winning Casting Director. She has directed over 25 productions and 35 Workshops and Readings for theatre, including EST, HB Studio, Duke on 42nd St, Little Theatre, Cherry Lane, Hispanic-Playwrights-Lab Residency/INTAR, The Public, Amherst College. Pat was awarded an SDC Observership at the McCarter Theatre. Film credits include work for numerous Indies, Warner Bros, Disney, HBO, Lee Daniels Entertainment, Merchant Ivory, Working Title, Miramax, New Line and internationally: Shochiku, Japan, Bioskop, Germany, Enigma, London and 1Life, Belgium.

Teisha Duncan is an Actress, Educator, and Director. She is an alum of Jamaica School of Drama, Howard University and The University of Pittsburgh.
Notable Acting credits: Disney’s The Lion King, Caroline or Change, A Chorus Line, The Bluest Eye, Tartuffe, Bubblin’ Brown Sugar, Sarafina and Lysistrata.
Notable Directing Credits: Get Off (The Bus), Agamemnon, Scarlet Letters, Little Shop of Horrors and Wiley and the Hairy Man (Asst. Direction/Puppet Choreography), Baltimore (Asst. Direction), and The Children from the Blue Mountain.