2022 Caribbeantales International Film Festival Festival

Directed By: Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers, Carmine Pierre-Dufour ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2019 ⎥ 14m ⎥ French, Creole with English and French Subtitles

Heart-broken following a break-up, Martine receives the unexpected visit of her mother, Monique. Too engrossed in her own sadness, Martine doesn’t notice right away that her mother is hiding something but, progressively, a bad feeling starts to take hold of her. During this short stay, these two very different women will have one last chance of getting closer to one another before they run out of time.

About the Director:

Carmine Pierre-Dufour is a bilingual writer and filmmaker. In television, she is part of the writing team for the medical series Transplant. In film, she wrote and co-directed the short film Mahalia Melts in the Rain which, in addition to having been selected in some fifty festivals around the world, was nominated in the best short fiction category at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards. With the support of the Harold Greenberg Fund, CALQ and SODEC, she began writing her first feature film, Montreal, you’re beautiful tonight. Fanmi is her second short film.