Directed By: Joel Fendelman⎥ USA/USVI⎥ 2020⎥ 20m ⎥

The Fireburn documentary explores the inhumane conditions that existed prior to the labor revolt and looks at the women who were called “Queens” due to their leadership. The documentary interviews historians, cultural ambassadors and educators and looks at the folklore, art and history surrounding the Fireburn. The Fireburn is a story that must be told because it is Virgin Islands’ history, African Diaspora history, Danish history, US history, and Caribbean history…as such, it is World history! Yet, the Fireburn is little known outside the Virgin Islands.

About the Director:

Joel Fendelman has written, produced and directed a number of award-winning narrative and documentary films. Most recently he received an IDA Documentary Award for his fourth feature film “Man on Fire”, a documentary about a white Texas preacher who self-immolated in his birth town of Grand Saline in order to bring attention to the unreported racism there. In 2016, Joel’s short film “Game Night”, a film about aging and unfulfilled dreams, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won best super short at the Savannah Film Festival.

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