Directed By: Shane Lee Kit⎥ Trinidad & Tobago ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 17m 39s⎥ English

Lucia, a Venezuelan immigrant, works at a private brothel named Jack’s Guest house. Sam, a frequent client, finds out that Lucia has become pregnant for him. When Sam learns that Jack the pimp will never allow them to keep the baby, he begins to plan their escape. There is just one problem. Lucia is Jack’s most requested working girl and for their plan to work they will have to flee the same night Lucia steals her passport. Hence, they create their ploy which revolves around winning against Jack in a game of “All Fours”.

About the Director:

Shane Lee Kit is a film director, writer, editor, and producer based in Trinidad and Tobago. He enjoys telling stories about Caribbean life and the issues affecting its society. His short films and documentaries have earned him several awards and nominations. Besides making films in his free time, Shane works as a motion designer.