Directed By: Caesey Shakes ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 15m 52s

Jezebel, a young inexperienced priestess begins a healing ritual for her best friend Nia whose soul was brutally captured by a powerful aggressor. Accepting her calling, Jezebel pursues the challenge of setting Nia’s soul free. However, when she arrives with Him/He at his apartment, she is unprepared when she discovers additional souls of Young Women are trapped. Despite her doubts, Jezebel builds the courage to free all the souls. As a result, she gets too comfortable which leads her to discover Him/He’s true identity: Azriel the Incubus. Recognizing his appetite for feminine energy, in exchange to free the Young Women and Nia, Jezebel offers her body as a sacrifice. He accepts. The souls are freed and although Jezebel attempts to escape, she surrenders to her traumatic fate and becomes his next victim. The following morning, Jezebel returns home for the last part of the ritual: her healing. Nia assists in this ceremony. Her support allows Jezebel to reclaim her body, her strength and ultimately unlocking a new power: regenerative healing.

About the Director:

Caesey is a Jamaican-Canadian filmmaker raised in Montreal, QC, a melting pot of cultures. Since young, she’s always had a certain sensitivity to the layered identities, politics and differences of being the Other in a French white-dominated society. Today she’s emboldened in her belief that storytelling is a form of healing. Whether it’s through writing or filmmaking, it becomes her forum where she hopes Blackness, particularly Black womanhood, can experience a sense of liberation.

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