Directed By: Miquel Galofré⎥ Trinidad and Tobago⎥ 2019⎥ 42m⎥

Single divorced mother of three, police officer Onika James-Turner has had a life filled with challenges, obstacles and heartache. But through this documentary, we see how her difficult past only made her stronger and lit a fire in her to reach for a different life, one in which she could help her community. Taking great pride in the work that she does, we see how she is driven by the desire to be part of the solution and not the problem. Her three children are the centre of her life and a new husband gives her strength. But she still faces challenges of raising a teen son in an area known for crime and must work hard to build trust in her role as a police officer.

About the Director:

Miquel is a filmmaker from Barcelona based in T&T. With broad experience in documentary film production, television and commercials, he has filmed around the world. His works show empathy and sensitivity about social justice topics helping to reduce the negative impact of stigma. Miquel finds hope and magic even in the darkest places. His acclaimed films ’Songs Of Redemption’ and ‘Art connect’ got more than 20 international awards. With ten Caribbean films in ten years, he works as creative director at T&T Rocks.

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