Directed By: Joash Alexander⎥ Trinidad & Tobago ⎥ 2022 ⎥ 20m⎥ English

Shy 10 year-old, Hazel Alman has a dream during the night that she is going to sing Calypso. Alone in her room she researches how to write a Calypso and contemplates entering a national competition. Now, she must find the courage to tell her busy parents who are pastors and convince them to sign the competition’s consent form with its looming deadline. This proves to be a challenge as the family prepares for Easter Sunday service, amidst the bustle of dressing and the hustle of going to church, Hazel must find a way to fulfil her dream.

About the Director:

Joash Alexander has nearly 20 years of experience in the media industry within different aspects of production. Creative and multi-talented, he has forged a name for himself in the media industry co-founding Genesis Media Productions Limited, alongside his brother Jonathan, which specializes in everything production. He is juggling two hats as Director and Editor for ‘I Dream of Calypso’! He made his directorial debut with ‘The Good Mother’ (2019), which highlights the issue of domestic violence. In combination with his artistic endeavours, he has a keen interest in community, having travelled the world documenting humanitarian efforts for 13 years with various missionary organizations.