Directed By: AJ Wilhelm⎥ USA/Haiti⎥ 2020 ⎥ 11m 22s⎥

After being visited by a spirit who taught him how to be a master drummer and drum builder as a child, Junior’s destiny was set in stone. He quickly climbed the ranks of the local drummers in his village until the day he was recruited by the top Haitian roots music group “Racine Mapou de Azor” and spent the next two decades touring the world and sharing his gift of music with the masses. But just when his destiny was seemingly fulfilled, the founder and lead singer of “Racine Mapou de Azor” died unexpectedly, sending Junior’s high profile career to a shocking halt.

About the Director:

Raised in the midwest A.J. Wilhelm attended the University of Michigan studying politics, music and film. Following graduation A.J. took a staff position with the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C while also performing as a touring musician. Since 2006 A.J. has been working out of New York City as a freelance filmmaker and photographer. “Junior” is AJ’s first film as director, cinematographer and producer.

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