Directed By: Kajri Babbar ⎥ UK ⎥ 2018 ⎥ 27m 44s

Based on true events, Gurri has lived a sheltered and simple life. After losing her parents at an early age she relinquishes her desires for independence and a teaching career to submit to her dead mother’s wish of marriage to a ‘prince charming’.

When Gurri meets Bikram she believes everything her mother wanted for her will now come to pass, however her world is turned upside down when following a traditional marriage ceremony and wedding night Bikram and her dowry disappears without a trace.

Faced with judgment and disappointment from her Aunt and Uncle and with the embarrassment of an entire village on her shoulders Gurri must make a choice that could cost her everything she has ever known.

About the Director:

Kajri Babbar is the niece of actor and politician Raj Babbar and the daughter of film producer Kishan Babbar. With a Masters diploma in Social Communication Media, a Masters in Film Directing at Arts and a bachelor in journalism, she “wishes to use films as a medium to give a voice to issues that have been buried under the class and sex politics of the world”.
The Film’s Producer – Rochelle Johnson began her media career in Trinidad and Tobago at the tender age of 18. Rochelle has now produced several short films in the UK including ‘Khoj’ .

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