Directed By: Guus de Sain ⎥ Curaçao ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 30m⎥

The longing for the return of a great love runs like a red line throughout the film in the relationship between the older, famous, wayward actress and the much younger butler.The “Dama” cherishes the past. What’s life worth without her memories? That is where she finds him every day, her great love. Sancho, her butler and loyal servant, tries to be there for her.

About the Director:

Guus de Sain is a Dutch theater director who remigrated to Curaçao five years ago. Over there he got the inspiration to film one of his plays he created in the 80’s on the island: La Dama Blanca. La Dama Blanca is his first film production.

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