Directed By: Quentin VerCetty ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 10m

Witness an interstellar effort to save a future world from falling into complete chaos. Through the eyes of Afronaut―a descendant of Joshua Glover, a historical resident and former enslaved African who found refuge at Montgomery’s Inn―we embark on a time-traveling mission. This journey involves retrieving vital information in the form of memory energy or aura data assets from artifacts at the historical site. While at Montgomery’s Inn, the time-traveler is racing against time and other obstacles to find the answers needed to change the world.

About the Director:

Quentin VerCetty (Lindsay) is a multi-award-winning, multidisciplinary visual griot (storyteller), artpreneur, educator, artivist, and an ever-growing interstellar tree. With a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from OCADU University (2017) and a Master’s in Art Education from Concordia University (2021), he is one of the world’s leading Afrofuturist a/r/tographers. In 2019 he coined the terms Sankofanology and Rastafuturism which explains his creative process, methodology, and creative lens. As an artist, Quentin has exhibited in countries around the world sharing his vision of imaginative futures of Afrocentric representation.

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