Directed By: Rhona Spencer⎥ Canada, Trinidad and Tabago ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 4m 30s ⎥ English

The historical resonance of the Black Lives Matter Movement is told in this short documentary film. It shines a light on the many Black bodies killed in Canada and the US from the hands of the Police. In 2020, when the world witnessed the Public ‘lynching’ of George Floyd live on Facebook, we have not been the same ever since. My Execution will be Televised, a mash up of Gil Scott Heron’s The Revolution will be Televised turns the lens around from Public Lynching on Poplar Trees to Facebook Live. The film is inspired by a BLM March placard.

About the Director:

Rhoma Spencer is an Actor, Playwright, Director, Docu- Filmmaker and Comedian. When not doing all of the above she can be seen at her Sweethand Delights turning a random pot of gastronomic pleasures. A graduate of York University with an MFA in Directing, Rhoma was one of five filmmakers commissioned by the Regent Park Film Festival to present her Film, A Pile of Dirt together with Janis Mayers. Set to release this September. She can be seen in the award winning Canadian movie Scarborough (Comfy Fims) and Hero (Caribbean Tales).