Directed By: Kaleb D’Aguilar⎥ UK⎥ 2021 ⎥ 12m 30s ⎥

Against the backdrop of the Windrush scandal, a Jamaican mother, Valerie Powell, struggles to keep her relationship with her son Eli intact. She suffers in silence as she battles with the government’s hostile environment tactics, as she keeps the threat of deportation a secret, her psychological state begins to deteriorate as she grapples with the fear of losing her son and the country, she calls home.

About the Director:

Kaleb is a Jamaican writer and filmmaker currently based in London. His background is in theatre and performance, but after completing his BSc in Anthropology, Kaleb transitioned to writing and directing for film. His curiosity in culture and the tensions between the individual and society drives his storytelling, which he hopes will help embolden the voices of the underclass and marginalised communities.

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