Directed By: Aramis Garcia Gonzalez⎥ Canada ⎥ 2019 ⎥ 15m 24s ⎥

For years, the two friends Xiomara and Julie have been celebrating carnival together, but this year is different. Xiomara will move from Aruba to the Netherlands, so this ritual will never be the same again.

About the Director:

Aramis Garcia Gonzalez (1989) is an Amsterdam based fiction film director. From a young age he never really stayed in one place for too long. Moving in between Aruba and The Netherlands he came to know a mix of cinema and pop culture which still influences his vision of what cinema should be. His work is informed by everything from Star Wars to Telenovelas to Y Tú Mama Tambien. Growing up in the Netherlands he couldn’t recognise himself when watching films and television, with his debut short, Pariba, he made his first step into changing that. At the moment he is working on his first feature film.

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