2022 Caribbeantales International Film Festival Festival

Directed By: Michael Jenkins⎥ UK ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 15m 46s ⎥ English

Leon is a mixed-race teenager trying to work out where he fits in. He is close to his Nan, the only person he know from his Jamaican side of the family. He goes to his Nan’s Nine Nights and meets the rest of his family for the first time where he begins to understand, identity is more than skin deep.

A mixed race youth is awoken by strange dreams and visited by a figure that keeps appearing once he’s awake. Heading to his nan’s for solace he discovers she’s passed away, his presence not wanted by his extended estranged family. When the figure leads him back to his nan’s house he pushes through the awkwardness of the strained family relationship, and sees the spirit of his nan one last time to say his goodbyes. His presence is finally accepted by the family he hardly knows, and balance is restored.

About the Director:

Michael Jenkins is a self-shooting, director, producer and writer of film and TV. He is extremely motivated to bring well-told and untold stories to as wide an audience as possible and believes passionately in the role of film as an engine for change and understanding. An award-winning filmmaker he won Best Short film for ‘Check the Label’ at The Royal Television Society Awards 2018He was recently votedamong the 100 most influential people in Bristol in the BME power list 2018. He launched the only black owned TV Production Company in the Southwest called Blak Wave in 2020. He is part of the BAFTA/BFI Network Crew 2021