Directed By: Reyda Gay, Neil Waithe, Charlene Haynes⎥ Barbados⎥ 2020⎥ 5m 21s⎥

Pure Service reveals the true thought process of both customers and Customer Service Representatives during daily transactions. This short film is an adaptation written by Adrian Green and performed by the current cast for the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts 2013 which received multiple awards including the Ministry of Labour and Government Award for Theatre. This piece was to provide comedic relief while express in quite simple terms, the customer is not indeed “always right”.

About the Director:

Enamoured by the creative world, Reyda Gay has been pursuing an artistic career from a young age.




Charlene Haynes is a corporate creative with a passion for both the culture and tourist industries.

Neil Waithe is a Visual and Performance artist.

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