Resourceful Youth

Directed By: Joris Arnolin Wolde⎥ Martinique ⎥ 2019 ⎥ 53min 59s⎥

How can we define youth and “Caribbean” identity in the 21st century ? We will try to find the answer, in listening some young caribbeans, specialists and a resourceful young woman called MADIKERA.————– (French) Qu’est-ce donc qu’être « jeune » et « antillais.e » à l’aube du IIIème millénaire ? Nous tenterons de répondre à cette question à travers les réflexions de jeunes antillais, de spécialistes, et d’une jeune débrouillarde surnommée MADIKERA.

About the Director:

Graduated by French Conservatory of Cinematography and MBA in Humanities and Communication, Joris ARNOLIN WOLDE made his 1st short movie “La Pluie” in 2000. This movie won the 2000’s “Prix de la Créolité”. He created the first french urban web-tv “” at 23 years old. Then Joris worked as editor and consultant in audiovisual world in Paris and in Martinique, FWI. In 2016, he created a new production company LIMYE FILMS . Joris A WOLDE introduced the web show “KOIFHAIR”, and his first personal documentary feature “JENES DEBWOUYA”.

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