2022 Caribbeantales International Film Festival Festival

Directed By: Azriel Bahadoor⎥ Trinidad and Tobago ⎥ 2022 ⎥ 13m 6s ⎥ English

A priest has his devotion put to the test, as he listens to the confession of an ex convict; one that was incarcerated at a prison he visited years ago.

About the Director:

Azriel Bahadoor grew up on the small island of Trinidad & Tobago where he was exposed to photography in 2016, and the art of filmmaking in 2018. As his skill set grew he moved on to being the Director of Photography for “6 Feet Apart”, a documentary that focuses on the ongoing Covid pandemic. With a rooted passion for film and cinematography, this drove him to write and direct his first short film, “Sins of the Father”. He aspires to collaborate with like minds to continue practising the art of cinema. In his spare time, he works on his photographic book that tells the story of the lives of socially displaced citizens.