2022 Caribbeantales International Film Festival Festival

Directed By: Siku Allooloo⎥ Canada ⎥ 2022 ⎥ 7m 30s ⎥ English

A woman’s connection to her mother in the spirit world reactivates Taíno culture and presence, revealing a realm unseen. Meanwhile, amidst a backdrop of flowers everywhere, an ancestral act of sovereignty extends into the future. Filmed on Super 8 and developed by hand with plant medicines and botanicals, Spirit Emulsion evokes a language for Taíno filmmaking in relationship to the earth and cosmos, breathing an ancestral connection into new form.

About the Director:

Siku Allooloo is an Inuk/Haitian/Taíno emerging filmmaker as well as a writer, interdisciplinary artist, poet, and community builder from Denendeh (NWT). She is an artistic innovator who often reimagines conventional forms as imbued by her cultural traditions, oral history, and land-based practice. Her artwork has exhibited nationally in several groundbreaking Indigenous art exhibitions (including INUA, the inaugural exhibition at Qaumajuq-Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2021-2023). Her writing has been published nationally and internationally (The Guardian, Canadian Art Magazine, Truthout, The Capilano Review, and Chatelaine). Spirit Emulsion is her first film.