Directed By: Fran Zayas ⎥ Puerto Rico ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 12m 1s

Tonight, is the night, a major poetry slam competition where the winner will be awarded the opportunity to take his voice beyond the local scene. However, for Daniel it will be a night of havoc, revelations and redemptions. The preparation of the young urban poet is disturbed by the absence of his father, and the oppression of his mother, Rita, who depends on her son to lead her excessive lifestyle. When reality challenges Daniel’s ideals, will he see to it that the night ends in reconciliation with his loved ones or will he lose control of himself?

About the Director:

Writer/Director Fran Zayas grew up in the rainy mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico. At age 23, Fran moved to New York City to attend the Graduate Film program at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he is currently a 3rd Year MFA Candidate and BAFTA BBC Diversity Scholar. After he graduates, Fran has two goals. First, to build an independent production company in Puerto Rico, along like-minded collaborators, to together gain the growth and support to create fresh, bold, and truthful stories. Consequently, Fran’s long term goal is to encourage a young generation of filmmakers, especially in Latino communities, to embrace their culture through filmmaking.

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