Directed By: Trivelle Simpson ⎥ Canada ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 16m 58s

The story follows a man in his 40’s who on the outside has everything that any one would want. A great job, nice car, perfect family. However on the inside it is a different story. The man has been dealing with trauma that has been plaguing him since a child. These are issues that have sat with him for years and now they have begun to bubble over. The man is at the breaking point, and is now contemplating suicide.

About the Director:

Behind the camera is award-winning director Trivelle Simpson. Trivelle cut his teeth for nearly a decade as a poet and music artist exploring the avenues of narrative storytelling to audiences of different interests, disciplines, and focuses. After loving the experience of directing several music videos, Trivelle decided to pursue a new creative avenue of storytelling through film. His first film Disintegrate won the People’s Choice Award at the 16th Annual Vox Popular Media Arts Festival. The foundations of a good story change depending on the persons trying to tell it. It is these foundations, and the ways that they change that are the most fascinating to this developing director. The goal is to make something people enjoy and enjoy talking about after it’s over.

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