Directed By: Andrea E. Leland & Cynthia Abbott ⎥ USA/USVI ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 30m

Three Oceans Advocates focuses on: Tess Felix, an artist living in California; Dick Ogg, a fisherman from Bodega Bay, CA; and Barbara Crites, an underwater photographer from St John in the US Virgin Islands. Each of these individuals are taking actions that inspire hope for our ailing oceans. Our oceans are suffering from plastic pollution, climate change, acidification, and warming oceans. The ocean is lifegiving and provides over 50% of the oxygen we breathe. When our oceans suffer, we suffer.

These three advocates reveal how their experiences led them to making commitments to protect the ocean and share their work with their communities. Three Ocean Advocates shows that you don’t have to be a scientist to make a difference, each individual citizen scientist can contribute to a healthy environment.

About the Directors:

Leland has produced and directed award-winning documentaries focusing on Caribbean cultures having won numerous awards and have screened throughout Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Residing both in Northern California and St John, USVI having seen first-hand the urgency of creating films about the ocean crisis. Leland is a member of New Day Films and has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She is the co-founder of Every Second Breath, a short-film series that gives voice to extraordinary people whose lives have been transformed by the ocean and shares this with their community.

Cynthia Abbott is an award-winning independent producer/director of short form environmental videos who believes the power of storytelling can change our collective vision of the ocean and create a new vision for the ocean’s future – protected and thriving. As an environmental activist, she has a passion for telling stories about healing our oceans.

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