Directed By: Affrica Spence ⎥ Canada ⎥ 28m 32s ⎥

This project savors the hidden depth of day to day moments on film, while delivering the poetic confessions beyond these moments. These renditions of spoken word poetry paint the picture of 8 individuals in a series of intimate stand alone episodes. Characters explore poetry that inspires, advises, seeks truths and breaks through ever changing life lessons. Despite the variation amongst each poem, stands an undeniable connection to the human experience. Enjoy a docu-series that will link word to individual, individual to a collective and the collective beyond the barriers of your screen.

About the Director:

Odessa Spence With roots in Calgary Alberta, hopes and curiosity took Dess from the West of Canada to Montreal then Toronto. All smirks and smiles, this second generation lady loves hard in family, friends and art. Be it video work, design, or poetry, Dess has always had a need to express.

Image Gallery

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