Directed By: Noella Mingo⎥ UK ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 8m 52s ⎥ English

When I Was A Younger is a short documentary that features four women who moved to London, England after WWII. They left parents, siblings and friends behind when they travelled from Grenada, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and Manchester. Now in their 70s, 80s and 90s, these women are almost invisible to a modern society that can’t envisage them as anything but old. But, as the film shows, they once were young, vibrant and full of fun. In fact, these four women still have the same mischievous streak they did when they were youngers.

About the Director:

Noella has worked in the creative industry for 20 years. As a stylist she’s worked on feature films, shorts, TV shows and commercials. She’s written and directed the short films, ‘Forgotten’ and ‘When I was a Younger’. She also wrote the short drama ‘elephant’ which has been accepted into sixteen festivals including two BAFTA and three Oscar qualifiers. ‘elephant’ is currently available to view on AppleTV. ‘Forgotten’ has been selected for eight international film festivals and was Best Picture at IBDFF 2021. ‘When I Was A Younger’ screened at the British Film Institute in July 2021 and has been selected for six international film festivals.