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Women in Resistance (VOD)

You Can’t Stop Spirit

Directed By: Vashni Korin ⎥ USA⎥ 2021 ⎥ 15m 37s

The New Orleans Baby Doll maskers are a pivotal yet overshadowed tradition of Black Mardi Gras that stems from Storyville, the former vice district in New Orleans, in the early 19th century. Baby Dolls of the Mardi Gras tradition paint a full picture of masking culture and how it operates as a vehicle for women to redefine notions of gender, sexual identity and freedom.

Entre Puerto Rico y Richmond: Women in Resistance Shall Not Be Moved

Directed By: Alicia Diaz⎥ USA ⎥ 2020 ⎥ 17m 20s⎥

This dance film combines biography, poetry, and ritual with the energy of live performance to bridge stories of resistance and liberation between Puerto Rico and Richmond, VA, honoring Black women tobacco workers in Richmond and Puerto Rican tobacco factory readers and activists Dominga de La Cruz Becerril (1909-1981) and Luisa Capetillo (1879-1922).

Fireburn the Documentary

Directed By: Joel Fendelman⎥ USA/USVI⎥ 2020⎥ 20m ⎥

The Fireburn documentary explores the inhumane conditions that existed prior to the labor revolt and looks at the women who were called “Queens” due to their leadership. The documentary interviews historians, cultural ambassadors and educators and looks at the folklore, art and history surrounding the Fireburn. The Fireburn is a story that must be told because it is Virgin Islands’ history, African Diaspora history, Danish history, US history, and Caribbean history…as such, it is World history! Yet, the Fireburn is little known outside the Virgin Islands.

I Don’t Call It Ghetto

Directed By: Miquel Galofré⎥ Trinidad and Tobago⎥ 2019⎥ 42m⎥

Single divorced mother of three, police officer Onika James-Turner has had a life filled with challenges, obstacles and heartache. But through this documentary, we see how her difficult past only made her stronger and lit a fire in her to reach for a different life, one in which she could help her community. Taking great pride in the work that she does, we see how she is driven by the desire to be part of the solution and not the problem. Her three children are the centre of her life and a new husband gives her strength. But she still faces challenges of raising a teen son in an area known for crime and must work hard to build trust in her role as a police officer.

On The Road To Dallas

Directed By: Mathilde Marinet⎥ UK ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 57m 31s⎥

On the Road to Dallas is a documentary following the creation of Team West Indies, a new national roller derby squad comprising an unlikely group of British women. In a sport that is traditionally very white, there has been an under-representation of black players in roller derby, and this film follows the team’s preparation for the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas. This documentary follows the players through their journey to the world cup, from the physical conditioning to the mental preparation, feelings of doubts about playing this full contact sport well into their 40s, juggling training with being a mother, or finding out about a side of their heritage they hadn’t been in touch with yet.


September 13, 2021
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