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The Experimental Existence (VOD)

Project H

Directed By: Maharaki⎥ Martinique/France⎥ 2020 ⎥ 5m 6s ⎥

To rebuild Haiti, three soldiers put together a plan of crazy audacity.

Back In The Island

Directed By: Amanda Valle⎥ Dominican Republic ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 4m 13s ⎥

Back in Island is a short film exploring the creative journey of artist Amanda Valle as she returns to her home in the Dominican Republic. Following an emotionally draining period, Amanda seeks comfort in the local culture by immersing herself in the colours and textures that were once so familiar. A journey of self discovery, the short film became the main source of inspiration for the artist’s new series composed of twelve paintings.

Olympic Village 2028

Directed By: Dwayne LeBlanc⎥ USA ⎥ 2020 ⎥ 7m 25s ⎥

Olympic Village 2028 is a film about South Los Angeles, a historically Black neighborhood with deep ties to the Great Migration and the modern American story. A portrait of a place as a shifting landscape. Images of the present, marvels of Mid-Century design and architecture, are woven together with a chorus of cross-generational voices. They echo the lives created and lost within this geography. Lives that have populated and animated these structures and avenues. Histories defined by this place and that continue to hold on, despite time, loss, and outside aggravation. The primary voice in the film, that of an Uncle, illustrates the way ‘home’ can be made and preserved in the face of the external elements designed to dismantle his very sense of place in the world.

Sunlight Around The Corner: The Golden Sparrow

Directed By: Daymé Arocena, Pablo Dewin ⎥  USA/Canada ⎥ 2021 ⎥ 20m 56s

Sunlight Around the Corner: The Golden Sparrow, is an experimental narrative short film inspired by the lives of the front-line community health workers, battling inequitable conditions long before COVID-19. These women work in some of the most economically and racially marginalized neighborhoods in the United States, in Richmond, Virginia. The film was conceptualized to personify these stories and activated by several art forms.

Using the interpretive movements by the Cuban dancer Daylin Martinez, she embodied the struggles, pains, joys and triumphs of those women just by listening to their words, before any music was composed.


Directed By: Affrica Spence ⎥ Canada ⎥ 28m 32s ⎥

This project savors the hidden depth of day to day moments on film, while delivering the poetic confessions beyond these moments. These renditions of spoken word poetry paint the picture of 8 individuals in a series of intimate stand alone episodes. Characters explore poetry that inspires, advises, seeks truths and breaks through ever changing life lessons. Despite the variation amongst each poem, stands an undeniable connection to the human experience. Enjoy a docu-series that will link word to individual, individual to a collective and the collective beyond the barriers of your screen.


September 15, 2021
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