Le Gang Des Antillais

Jean-Claude Barny | Feature | 90 mins | 2016 | Guadeloupe/France | English | PG 18

Le Gang des Antillais is an adaptation of Loïc Lery’s book, written while he was in Fleury-Merogis. The book retraces the story of an Antillean labourer’s group in the 1970s. In order to appease social and cultural claims, the French government moved a whole group of ultra-marine youngsters to the Metropolis. At their arrival, the young Creoles must deal with daily racism and insecurity. The main character, Jimmy, is led through a fate he can not control. Facing violence, he realises his responsibilities, shortcomings and desires. Meeting Patrick Chamoiseau, his prison’s instructor, will become his liberation. This movie, by Jean-Claude Barny, is an additional tool for the historic Black empowerment struggle and their place in society.

Short Film Presentation


Hugo Rousselin | Short | 20 mins | 2016 | France/Guadeloupe | English | 

Isaac has difficulty with the death of his brother Legba. During an apnea fishing, the vision of a diver brings him to the bounds of the unconscious, a first exploration of a new horizon. Vìré is the initiatory journey of a man renewing with his origins.