Darisha J. Beresford | Feature | 97 mins | 2016 | USA/Trinidad and Tobago | English | PG 13

Joanna reluctantly takes a day off from caring for her sick father to hang out with her friends on the remote beaches of Trinidad. But what was expected to be a much-needed break, suddenly becomes a terrifying turn of events when the group is robbed at gunpoint and Joanna goes missing.

She finds herself isolated in a world of natural beauty as she musters the courage to emotionally battle the unsettled mind of her kidnapper. Inspired by a true story, the film slices a path through the vines of intellect and delusion to explore the depths of mental strength, unforeseen sympathy, internal freedom and the human spirit.

Short Film Presentation


Richard B. Pierre | Short | 6 mins | 2016 | Canada | English | PG

A short film that invites us to examine our responses to dissenting voices, as well as our relationship with technology. A voyeuristic glimpse at a conversation between a driver and the onboard computer system in his car. The driver, Lee, is a young, heterosexual white man from a financially comfortable background who is eager to land his first real job after graduating from university. Mercedes is his vehicle’s onboard computer system: she is ageless and omniscient thanks to her ability to view every piece of information available on the internet, and she possesses a certain snarkiness and wit which surprises Lee – either because he has never noticed her personality before, or because she has successfully suppressed it until now.

Shoot the Girl

Natalie Thompson | Short | 11 mins | 2016 | Jamaica | English | PG

Twelve-year-old Trench Town tomboy Likkle is schooled in urban survival skills by her father String. When Likkle witnesses String’s murder by area don Satan she must flee to save her own life. Using the skills she’s learned, social media and friends, Likkle must outwit Satan and proves “brain will always beat brawn”.