Play the Devil

Maria Govan | Feature | 90 mins | 2015 | Trinidad and Tobago/Bahamas/USA | English | R

Gregory a gifted eighteen year old from the rural farming village of Paramin in Trinidad develops an unlikely friendship with a powerful businessman that leads to seduction obsession and a fateful confrontation during the carnal dance of the devil on Carnival Monday night.

Short Film Presentation

A Broken Appointment

Kaleb DAguilar | Short | 3 mins | 2017 | Jamaica/USA | English

Set to the backdrop of “Epilogue” by Kei Miller, A Broken Appointment explores the dynamic of closeting within a young gay relationship, and how “hiding in the dark” may lead to a destructive end. However, Miller’s poetry attempts to offer some optimism for the ability of queer Caribbean relationships to rise again after an unfortunate end.

E Yobida di Ayera

Armand Simon | Short | 10 mins | 2016 | Aruba | English | PG 13

Expressing your romantic feelings to the person you’re secretly in love with is never easy. Especially when this person is your best friend.

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