Play the Devil

Maria Govan | Feature | 90 mins | 2015 | Trinidad & Tobago/Bahamas/USA | English | R

James applauds Gregory’s performance, inviting the cast to his home. He shares his art collection with Gregory who, though favored to win a medical scholarship, dreams of becoming a photographer. James uses Gregory’s interest in photography to entice a friendship. When Gregory’s estranged father returns home, Gregory agrees to spend the weekend with James at his beach house. The men become intimate. Gregory, however, filled with angst, withdraws from James. His schoolwork, relationships with family and friends are all impacted. James cannot accept Gregory’s boundaries but rather entangles himself further in Gregory’s life. On Carnival Monday, the band of young men cover their bodies in blue paint and dressed as devils, descend down into the valley, howling and drumming, lost in the carnal dance. Gregory approaches James in the crowd wanting to speak with him alone. That night a fateful confrontation erupts changing their lives forever.

Short Film Presentation

A Broken Appointment

Kaleb DAguilar | Short | 3 mins | 2017 | Jamaica/USA | English

Set to the backdrop of “Epilogue” by Kei Miller, A Broken Appointment explores the dynamic of closeting within a young gay relationship, and how “hiding in the dark” may lead to a destructive end. However, Miller’s poetry attempts to offer some optimism for the ability of queer Caribbean relationships to rise again after an unfortunate end.

E Yobida di Ayera

Armand Simon | Short | 10 mins | 2016 | Aruba | English | PG 13

Expressing your romantic feelings to the person you’re secretly in love with is never easy. Especially when this person is your best friend.

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