Giulia Amati | Documentary | 80 mins | 2016 | Barbados/Italy/Ethiopia/Jamaica/UK | English | PG

The journey towards Shashamane in Ethiopia where a community of people of African heritage have returned to live on their forefathers’ land. An exodus of coming-of-home, that for some has become a haven, but for others a cage of no escape. In 1948, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie donated 500 acres of his own private lands “for the black people of the world” to encourage displaced Africans to repatriate. Since the ‘60s, many have left Jamaica for Ethiopia to establish the oldest Rastafari settlement in the world – Shashamane. But now their spiritual home is under threat. Much of the land is lost and many Ethiopians view them as outsiders, leaving these men and women, descendents of slaves who were taken from Africa by force, in limbo. A compelling look at the lesser explored and ever increasing migration of the African diaspora back to the continent in search of a lost identity.

Short Film Presentation

ORI INU: In Search Of Self

Chelsea Odufu | Short | 30 mins | 2016 | USA/Brazil | English | PG

Natalia, a young Brazilian, is forced to move to the USA with her mother, Camilla, who is a devout born-again Christian. Natalia struggles with assimilating into American culture and often offends her mother by questioning the teachings of the Church as she remembers her Candombole upbringing with her grandmother. By the time Natalia reaches the age of eighteen (18) she is visited by Orisha manifestations, now forbidden by her mother; this leads Natalia into a spiritual crossroads.

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Joel Cabrices | Short | 4 mins | 2016 | Venezuela/Trinidad and Tobago | English | G

A young man, a shaman, travels to the spirit world to create a totem which will prevent nightmares from harming the children of the village he had run away from as a child.
On his journey he must encounter the four elements that rule the world and pass the mysterious test that each of them presents him.