Broken Appointment

Kaleb DAguilar | Short | 3 mins | 2017 | Jamaica/USA | English

Set to the backdrop of “Epilogue” a poem by Kei Miller, This film explores the dynamic of closeting within a young gay relationship, and how “hiding in the dark” may lead to a destructive end. However, Miller’s poetry attempts to offer some optimism for the ability of queer Caribbean relationships to rise again after an unfortunate end.

A Man’s Story

Fernando Arrioja | Short | 22 mins | 2016 | Canada | English | PG 13

A Man’s Story follows young Kam after a triggering boxing practice that forces him to confront his family’s abusive past and present.


Thyrone Tommy | Short | 19 mins | 2016 | Canada | English | PG 13

When an incident from the Mariner’s past arises, to haunt him in terms of racial identity, a young marine navigation student suffers intense anxiety during his final exams.


Daniel Edward Hyde | Short | 12 mins | 2016 | Belize/USA | English | G

On a small remote island, one man lives almost completely isolated from civilization. This dryly humorous film muses playfully on how much we can really remove ourselves from the ‘developed’ world.

Small Change

Dylan Quesnel | Short | 21 mins | 2016 |Trinidad and Tobago/Canada | G | HD

Small Change is a short Caribbean based documentary shot entirely in Trinidad & Tobago which is based around climate change in a local context, with special focus on the oil based economy which is crashing, and the social, economic and environmental benefits which can come from ‘going green’. It was produced in 2016 by members of IAMovement, a youth-led non-profit organization which hosted the 2014 and 2015 People’s Climate Marches in Port of Spain, during key UN Summits in NYC and Paris.

E Yobida Di Ayera

Armand Simon | Short | 10 mins | 2016 | Aruba | English | PG 13

Expressing your romantic feelings to the person you’re secretly in love with is never easy. Especially when this person is your best friend.