Torments Of Love

Caroline Jules | Feature | 54 mins | 2016 | Paris/Guadeloupe | PG

Two sisters emotionally ‘tormented’ by their father who gave little in the way of affection and love and yearn in nostalgia for their grand mother who has now passed, in a beautiful French Caribbean setting

Short Films

Paddlin’ Spirit

Amanda Sans Pantling | Short | 31 mins | 2016 | Jamaica | English | PG

Paddlin’ Spirit is a short documentary film about the Jamaican artist Laura Facey, whose work explores the indescribable cruelty of slavery but also the resilient nature of the human being. It stands out for her denouncement of abuse and her own process of healing from her traumatic experiences; although her Emancipation piece was very controversial among the people of Jamaica due to its explicitness.

Root Up

Katia Cafe-Febrissy | Documentary | 28 mins | 2017 | Guadeloupe/France | French & Creole with English Subtitles | PG 13 | HD

This creative documentary deals the issue of chlordecone contaminated soils in Guadeloupe through the prism of a local female farmer.

When Joselie, a former seamstress, inherits 5 acres of land from her late father, she becomes a farmer at age 48 ans. At that points, she discovers that her land is contaminated and that she cannot grow anything on it. However, she refuses to give up and is determined to save her land and live off it.