Kaleb DAguilar | Short | 3 mins | 2017 | Jamaica/USA | English


Chavonne Brown
Will Melhuish


Set to the backdrop of “Epilogue” by Kei Miller, A Broken Appointment explores the dynamic of closeting within a young gay relationship, and how “hiding in the dark” may lead to a destructive end. However, Miller’s poetry attempts to offer some optimism for the ability of queer Caribbean relationships to rise again after an unfortunate end.


Kaleb D’Aguilar was born in Kingston, Jamaica to a Rasta father and British Mother, engendering a culturally dialectic upbringing. His transition to writing and directing for film started when the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission selected him as the Jamaican Ambassador to attend a writing workshop in New York, 2014. The following year, he did a film writing course at UWI Mona with Storm Saulter.
Kaleb has written and directed two short films (“Day One” and “A Broken Appointment”) which explores marginalized groups in Jamaica and the Caribbean Diaspora. His passion for Caribbean culture fuels his narrative and aesthetic choices.